ME 218A Perfect Game Baseball


Welcome to the online presence of Perfect Game Baseball! This is a fully functional penny-arcade game modeled after the arcade games of the 1930's. All logic is controlled by a single C32 microcontroller. Explore our site to learn more about how this project was developed!

  • 2 Player Head-to-Gead Gameplay
  • Adjustable Pitching Controls Both Speed and Curve
  • Hit One Over the Ramps for a Home Run!
  • Winner Gets a Prize!
  • Free Play on 5 Runs!
  • ...And All Just $0.01 to Play!
  • Deliverables


    Project Team

    Mark Sherwood, Stanford BS in Symbolic Systems
                                   (msherwood at stanford dot edu)

    Ezra Schiff, Stanford BS in Mechanical Engineering
                                   (ezra.schiff at gmail dot com)

    Mike Rode, University of Washington BS in Mechanical Engineering
                                   (mjrode at stanford dot edu)


    Gameplay Videos


    This page is for a Stanford University SPDL course, ME218A: Smart Product Design Fundamentals. The course was taught by Matt Ohline in 2007.

    Copyright 2007, Mark Sherwood, Ezra Schiff, Mike Rode. All Rights Reserved