Team Scorched Earth

The Magnificent Three:

Anand Subramani is a Masters student in mechanical engineering. He hopes to someday build ridiculous robots for an esoteric rich person. In his spare time, he enjoys modern film classics such as Alien vs. Predator and is unnecessarily excited about AVP2 which comes out this Christmas. Preliminary reviews call it "lifechanging."

Shaoqing Xiang is really enthisuastic about robots and mechatronics. If you leave him alone with broken code and hardware it will just work when you get back. He loved 218A and is going to take 218B as well.

Michael Wittenberg is a first year Masters student in Mechanical Engineering. His favorite movies include such box office hits as Crank and The Fast and the Furious:Tokyo Drift. He enjoys a brisk game of checkers in his free time and thinks the best part of waking up is indeed Folgers in your cup.