Spinning Wheel is a rollicking barrel of fun! It takes just one penny to play for the chance to win some really cool SWAG.

The goal in each game is to score all eight balls though the dizzying spinning wheel. But don't get distracted by the psychedelic colors...chill out a bit and toss those neon balls right through the target slots before time runs out. Take a look at our groovy video to get a taste for the fun.

Peace, dude...and before you leave check out our requirements checklist page!

Parmita Dalal hails from the Kansas City metropolitan area. Her favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia and she also likes to sing kum-ba-yah with a guitar around a campfire.

Christine Tower is from Houston, the grooviest part of Texas. She likes driving the countryside in her VW Bus.

Barry Wohl is from the peace-loving country of Canada. He spends his free time combing his long hair and organizing his collection of Woodstock memorabilia.
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