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Penny Arcade Game: King of Funk

King of Funk is a penny arcade game developed by Srinivas Jampani, Bhargav Addala, and Allen Cheung for the ME 218A Smart Product Design class final project at Stanford University. The project was to design an arcade game, which included non-contact sensing, electro-mechanical responses, multiple user interactions, prize-dispensing, analog input, and stimulated at least two different senses.

We designed a dancing/beat matching game in the style of Dance Dance Revolution or Beatmania. The point of the game is to match the beat of a song by placing your hand in the correct pod, which is indicated by a flashing red LED. Hand detection is done by detecting a break in an IR emitter to IR phototransistor beam. In addition to the music game, our arcade game also features two other game modes: a memory/simon says game, and a speed game.

This penny arcade game also has three game modes: Music game, Speed Game and the Memory Game.



Detect Penny
Detect Song
Detect Hand Motion

Lighting LEDís
Displaying on an LCD
Playing Music
Dancing Doll
Machine states:

Song Selection
Music On


In this website, you will find brief descriptions of the various design elements of the game, code listings of the project, a gallery along with instructions on how to play the game, a bill of materials and some interesting things we learned this quarter.

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