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Plinko is a mechatronic penny arcade game (MPAG) based on the the CBS television show The Price is Right. Upon inserting a coin into the Plinko MPAG players are greeted with music and instructions. Players then position the penny dropper over a network of pegs and select slots on the bottom that they think the penny will ultimately fall through. Once everything is in place, the player pulls the drop cord and watches their penny bounce around in the pegs. If the penny falls through one of the selected slots they win a fabulous prize.

This website documents the design of the Plinko MPAG. It contains information concerning the mechanical and electronic hardware, as well as the software.
Overview: Basic summary of Plinko's core functionality, complete bill of materials, and team profiles
Electronics: Schematics and descriptions of the circuitry involved in Plinko
Software: Pseudo-code and C code used in the implementation of Plinko
Mechanics: Scaled drawings and pictures of the mechanical systems used in Plinko
Downloads: Direct links to videos, images, circuit schematics, scaled drawings, code, etc.
Wisdom: "Gems of Wisdom" for future ME218A students
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